Why wood floor?

Hardwood floors add a beautiful and natural touch. They also add value to your home and are highly praised in the resale home market. Today's hardwood floors have made advances in style, durability, maintenance and care, making them more widely usable throughout the home. With simple sweeping or vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning, wood floors will last a lifetime. There are hundreds of choices in style and color with today's options spanning into exotic hardwoods. Most wood floors are available in several grades in a wide range of prices.
BOA-FRANC, Inc. Mirage is the only manufacturer of pre-finished hardwood floors to have been awarded ISO 9002 Certification for controlling all phases of the manufacturing process from the selection of raw material to the delivery of the finished product. It is also the only manufacturer offering the ALUMIX finishing system for unprecedented protection and more resistance to wear.
Appalachian Flooring Limited hardwood floors are in harmony with the environment, and are manufactured with the noblest and most classic of materials. All the manufacturing residues are recycled and reused.
Boral's Australian hardwood flooring offers unique colors & patterns to create a stunning feature in any residence, and because of their extreme hardness (one and one half to almost twice as hard as American Oak) these woods are ideal for commercial or civic developments.
Indus parquet is proud to offer exotic, prefinished Brazilian hardwood flooring delivered in clear grade in natural colors, without stains. With six coats of ultraviolet cured polyurethane, these floors provide unsurpassed durability.
Since 1884, Bruce has captured the natural beauty of wood and transformed it into floors of exceptional quality and enduring elegance. Generations of artisans have crafted Bruce floors, each contributing innovation in product performance and style. This time honored wisdom and artistry has helped Bruce lead the industry in the introduction of patented product technology.
BR-111T produces the finest unfinished and prefinished exotic hardwood flooring from its fully computerized, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility situated outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. All flooring is kiln dried and precision milled to exacting standards using the industry's most up-to-date manufacturing technology. The largest flooring mill in South America, BR-111T.
As a leading manufacturer of premier quality hardwood flooring, Harris Tarkett acknowledges and accepts the responsibility of guiding industry innovation and developing new standards in design and product integrity. Building in a century long tradition of precise craftsmanship and fine materials, Harris Tarkett employs today's ever-evolving technologies in its goal to produce hardwood flooring that compliments the most impressive residential and commercial projects.
Hartco knows that your home expresses the very heart and soul of your personal style. That's why they make quality hardwood flooring that can be installed in literally hundreds of different patterns, colors & designs.
Heritage Lumber is a specialty woods company that takes pride in producing and offering the highest quality wood products available. Our products are designed to meet the distinct and exacting standards of quality conscious architects and fine home builders with customers who expect the very best.
Patina-Relics- "Life is simple" a famous poet once said. "Where there is love there is life". The planks used to produce the Patina Relics Collection are hand selected by our American Millers, expertly shaped, sanded, and finished for your underfoot pleasure. Relics floor planks look so simple, but they are the result of a complex hand sculpting and finishing process, designed for today's home or business interiors.
Junckers floors are available in a variety of species of wood, with an emphasis on beech and the other pale woods found in Scandinavia. Extremely versatile and easy to install, a Junkers floor can be installed over any existing dry and level sub floor.
Kentucky Wood Floors has a fresh and exciting approach to utilizing hardwood flooring for residential, commercial and industrial accent areas. The line offers you a wide range of alternatives, from conventional plank and parquet to custom designs incorporating domestic and exotic wood species.
Mannington offers a broad selection of wood floors in an exciting range of wood species and gloss levels. Their flooring is constructed with five piles for optimum strength and durability. They offer six stylish pre-finished moldings that are remanufactured to blend with and enhance the appearance of the wood floors.
The Forest Accents line consists of a wide range of specialty domestic and imported woods for flooring. Virtually any wood floor is available including Australian Cypress, Santos Mahogany, Bamboo, African Sapele, Asian Merbau and many others. Also find Antique Pine, Maple, custom parquet, borders and patterns of every design.
HAWA bamboo flooring is now pre-finished with a specially formulated Antic-Scratch top coating which has six coat on the floor's surface including one coat aluminum oxide (antic-abrasive) inside to has high scratch resistance, and two coats Antic-Scratch Top Coating outside to prevents the surface of floor excellent and can be sand able and repairable. This European produced finish is designed to provide both clarity and durability a first in bamboo flooring!
Historic Floors of Oshkosh specializes in the design and manufacture of decorative inlays for hardwood floors. Hardwood medallions are pre-assembled "works of art" made up of a variety of carefully cut pieces of wood. Each one incorporates different colors, grain, wood species and shapes. Medallions are a "feature" item that can be used in any open area where a design statement is called for. Entryways and stair landings are two perfect locations for the right medallion.
Not many floors compare to Plankfloor. As an engineered hardwood floor, it looks and feels exactly like solid wood. However, you won't have to deal with the inherent problems often associated with solid wood flooring. Plankfloor is also easy to install and maintain.
Every hand-selected hardwood board in the Handcrafted Collection has been individually sculpted, scraped, or distressed by an artisan skilled in discovering and bringing out the unique character of the wood, adding depth and beauty no mass-produced floor can hope to match. And all are guaranteed for a lifetime of structural integrity, and protected by our durable, easy-care finish with an industry-leading 25-year warranty.
Craftsmanship is a matter of family pride. Columbia Wood Floor brings 40 years of expertise in hardwood veneers to every floor made, with the singular goal of brining out the exceptional beauty and natural warmth of every piece of wood. The pride in their work translates into the pride in your floors.
WFI supplies the finest wood flooring sourced from around the globe. They specialize in a wide range of domestic and exotic species, and offer a complete array of flooring styles which afford a full range of installation choices.